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WordPress Plugin

Notify All Admins

Notify All Admins is a simple and lightweight WordPress plugin inspired by an article highlighting a desired functionality. Typically, only the author of a post receives email notifications for new comments. This plugin changes that by allowing all admins on a website to receive notifications whenever a new comment is made, enhancing communication and ensuring that important interactions are not missed by any admin.

WordPress Plugin

Post Refresh Reminder

Post Refresh Reminder helps WordPress site owners keep their content up-to-date. This plugin sends automated reminders to review and update posts after a specified period, ensuring your site remains fresh and relevant. It’s perfect for blogs, news sites, and any platform where current information is critical.

WordPress Plugin

Sustainability Score for Woo

Designed to help store owners highlight the sustainability aspects of their products. The Sustainability Score Display plugin allows you to easily define and showcase a sustainability score for each product based on custom criteria.

Google Extension


VibeTabs is a Chrome extension that optimizes your browsing experience with task-based setups, allowing you to set specific tabs and background music to match your current activity.

Crafted specifically for Romania


Crafted specifically for Romania

“ZiuaNoastra” is your ultimate digital companion for crafting unforgettable wedding events. Our platform offers personalized digital invitations and albums, making every moment more memorable. Say goodbye to traditional paper invites and hello to eco-friendly, modern elegance with “ZiuaNoastra.”

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